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For Pure Testosterone (USP) Creme visit: 

Andro Sports Creme has been prohibited by the FDA, however the info below is interesting and helpful in understanding testosterone. 

(Contains 120mg 4-androstenediol, 120mg of a proprietary blend of anti-estrogen factors including passiflora coerulea, urtica dioca and diindole methane (DIM), and 30mg 4-androstenedione per two milliliters).

Andro Sports Creme (Formerly "AndrosteDERM"): For those primarily interested in enhancing their energy, mood and sexual vitality. Now contains phytonutrients that can help reduce many of the harmful effects of high estrogen and DHT! 

The manufacturer suggests 6 weeks on and six weeks off. They suggest 1 ml per application and there are 60 ml per bottle. That figures 60 days on and 60 days off for a total of 120 days per bottle.

The Science:
An all-natural, non-prescription nutritional product that provides continual support of healthy levels of testosterone.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. If pregnant or lactating, consult a physician before using.

Q. Why is testosterone important?

Testosterone is the most important hormone in the male body. Yet many men, of
all ages, suffer from decreased energy, diminished libido and reduced muscular size and strength due to less than optimal levels of testosterone.  Stress, over training, obesity and aging are the most common causes for these problems. To put it simply, without normal levels of testosterone, it’s impossible to look and feel your best.

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Q. How does the body produce testosterone?

When signaled by the pituitary gland in the brain the testes (gonads) produce testosterone. But in order for the testes to be able to produce healthy amounts of testosterone a number of nutritional substances are required including DHEA, androstendione, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B6.  

Maintaining high levels of these nutrients in the body are essential to assure that you maintain healthy high levels of testosterone. Up until now, the only reliable way to restore normal testosterone levels were through prescription testosterone replacement. But recent clinical findings demonstrate that the use of these nutritional substances along with the proper diet and exercise program will allow most people to once again produce healthy, high levels of testosterone.

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Q: What is AndroSportsCreme?

AndroSportsCreme (patent pending) is an all-natural, non-prescription nutritional product that provides for the continually support of healthy levels of testosterone. AndroSportsCreme uses a novel approach to delivering optimal ratios of the natural testosterone precursors, androstendione and androstenediol, in a European pharmaceutically-based topically applied gel.

Formulated by MedLean, AndroSportsCreme specially designed a percutaneous gel matrix to deliver natural testosterone precursors (androgens). Used for decades in Europe, percutaneous gels have proven effective for delivering hormones to the body. MedLean has taken this one step further by improving this technology and adding in specific ratios of specially prepared testosterone precursors such as androstenediol and androstenedione.

AndroSportsCreme has now clinically demonstrated that when used regularly that it is an essential component for the successful restoration of healthy, high levels of testosterone.

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Q: How is AndroSportsCreme made?

Initially formulated by a compounding pharmacy for use by Dr. Cohen’s private patients, AndroSportsCreme was made in the same manner as other pharmaceutical products. It is currently still made to our specifications by the exacting pharmaceutical standards and by the same technology as that of the compounding pharmacy.

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Q: How does AndroSportsCreme work?

AndroSportsCreme is rubbed on the skin as a percutaneous gel preparation. Over a period of several days, the testosterone precursors enter the body and are slowly released into circulation via the lymphatic system. Tests have shown it takes about three days to reach peak steady state levels. This is a true time release technology. Unlike other andro products on the market that claim time release, only AndroSportsCreme truly delivers it. Other products are in fact really a "time delay," rather than a true time release.

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Q: What is the advantage of hormones in percutaneous gels?


  • Percutaneous gel application of hormones only need be applied to the skin once daily. Studies show that elevations in plasma levels remain constant throughout the day. The adequacy of the dose can be checked by one blood or saliva sample. Where the matrix of the transdermal patch acts as a reservoir for hormone delivery, percutaneous gels use the natural reservoir of the skin to deliver a continuous flow of hormones into the body between applications.
  • Variances in individual plasma levels due to differences in skin absorption can easily be corrected by adjusting the volume or strength of the gel used for the optimal physiological effect.
  • Combinations of 2 or more hormones can be combined into a single dose.
  • There is no problem with skin irritations as is sometimes seen with transdermal patches especially in warm and humid climates.
  • The gels dry completely in 1 to 2 minutes leaving no visible trace or smell.

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Q: What are the benefits to using AndroSportsCreme over other andro products?

When used properly AndroSportsCreme has clinical demonstrated to be safer, more effective and easier to use than oral andro products.

Once-a-Day Application – Topical delivery avoids having to time the use of the product around meals and workouts. Apply it once a day in the morning and forget about it while it works in your body.

Positive Results in Clinical Practice – has clinically demonstrated that it can provide the continuous natural healthy support of high levels of testosterone. And it is this steady state high level of testosterone which is believed necessary to experience the many benefits of testosterone including increased muscle size, strength, energy and libido.

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Q: Why is AndroSportsCreme safer and more effective than other andro products?

Improved Utilization - AndroSportsCreme bypasses digestion because it is applied to the skin and not swallowed. The gel carrier avoids the waste that occurs with oral products. It allows for more efficient use of the testosterone precursors in the body providing a greater effect at a lower, safer dose.

More about how first pass effect of the liver reduces utilization:

While it is reasonable to assume that the oral route is less optimal because stomach acid probably destroys the hormone during digestion, this is not true. Steroid hormones such as DHEA, androstenedione, and androstenediol, are quite stable during digestion and are absorbed fairly well. The reason swallowing these hormones is not the optimal way to take them is before they enter the blood stream where they can be converted into testosterone they are metabolized in the liver, the so-called " first pass effect of liver metabolism."

The liver is responsible for converting many hormones into inactive metabolites that can then be excreted from the body. By bypassing digestion with AndroSportsCreme, the enzymes responsible for converting these pro hormones (17▀HSD and 3▀HSD) into testosterone can do their job before they reach the liver and are converted into non active metabolites and/or excreted from the body. This means that a higher percentage of these androgen precursors can be converted into the parent hormone (testosterone) using a much lower dose than is needed when taken by mouth. These factors make AndroSportsCreme a superior choice to other andro products both in terms of cost and effectiveness...guaranteed.

Continuous Support of Healthy Testosterone – Topical delivery provides "steady state" support of testosterone production. It does not cause the spikes seen with high doses of oral Andro products, just higher levels with normal daily fluctuation. And it is these high steady state levels of testosterone that are necessary for optimal support of healthy normal muscle and biochemical function.

More about topical gel pharmacology:

AndroSportsCreme causes a steady state level of testosterone. Other andro products must be taken by oral administration (swallowed) and only cause a temporary spike in testosterone levels. If you want to keep a steady state level of the hormone in the body, you must take these andro products by mouth every 2-3 hours. This is expensive and wasteful.

With a single dose applied to the skin once per day, it takes about three days for AndroSportsCreme to reach "steady state" levels of increased production of testosterone. It is these steady levels that are believed to be more anabolic than the temporary spike achieved with the oral intake of any anabolic hormone, especially testosterone and its precursors.

Another advantage to "steady state" levels is because the limiting factor in converting these precursors to testosterone is the ability of the body to replenish these enzymes, high one-time dosages that cause spikes will probably overwhelm the capacity of the body’s enzymes and "spillover" is more likely to take place. This means the body may convert the hormones into unwanted metabolites which reduce the effectiveness and possibly increase the likelihood of side effects. Lower multiple dosages or steady state release ensures better utilization and more complete conversion.

Enhanced Conversion of Androgen Precursors to Testosterone – The optimal combination of androstenedione and androstenediol in a "steady state" delivery allows for more efficient enzymatic conversion to testosterone.

Why? Read on…

It seems that the 3▀HSD enzyme that converts androstenediol to testosterone is not subject to the same rate limiting factors that the 17▀HSD enzyme is that converts androstenedione to testosterone.

The 17▀HSD enzyme requires high ATP levels, therefore it may require large amounts of carbohydrates or supplements that support liver ATP such as pyruvate, phosphates and niacin to function optimally and it is also less active in men than in woman.

So why use androstenedione at all? 

Because there is a theoretical reason to combine both androstenedione and androstenediol. Due to the fact that they use different enzymes for conversion to testosterone, when used together they have an additive effect in enhancing testosterone production while at the same time minimizing the potential for overloading either enzyme. This allows increased benefits with a reduced potential of unwanted effects or waste.

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Q: Who should use AndroSportsCreme?

Anyone interested in maintaining high healthy levels of testosterone these include:

  • those who physically train hard either for strength or endurance. (Weightlifters, triathletes, runners and bikers all can benefit)
  • those who show the signs of aging including decreased lean mass, strength, energy and libido.
  • those who as part of a comprehensive diet and exercise program want to naturally restore optimal levels of testosterone.

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Q: Who should not use AndroSportsCreme?


  • Women who are sensitive to androgens.
  • People with any pre existing hormonal dependent cancers (i.e. prostate, breast, etc.) should avoid ALL andro products until more is known regarding the relationship of the testosterone precursors and the above afflictions.

We at Medlean recommend all people using any andro products get hormone testing done on a regular basis.

We also recommend anyone man over 50 years old have a prostate exam and PSA to rule out the presence of microscopic cancer.

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Q: How was AndroSportsCreme discovered?

That’s an interesting story really. It involves a well-known health and fitness writer named Will Brink. Many of you who read the bodybuilding magazines will already know the name. A few years ago a client of Will Brink’s was sent to me for testing. He was a doctor in his mid 50s who worked out on a regular basis but felt tired all the time and could not seem to lose body fat.

Salivary lab testing revealed that although his testosterone was mildly diminished, he had lost his naturally circadian rhythm of release and had higher than ideal levels of estrogen. So along with nutrients to lower his estrogen levels, I put him on a mixture of testosterone and transdermal gel. I have been using this combination for years in place of injections for older men to increase testosterone levels and it works quite well.

A few weeks later, I received a call from Will regarding the testosterone gel I had put his friend on. He expressed concern that I had not given his friend the correct product (he favored testosterone injections for his friend) and stated he did not think this product could work. I invited him to my office to see the blood work on his friend as well as many other patients I had put on the testosterone gel. After looking at the blood workup on these people, I mentioned that I had an idea that would allow us to provide the body with nutritional substances that would effectively increase testosterone levels.

I founded MedLean to design AndroSportsCreme, and tested various combinations of androgen precursors as well as different combinations of gel types. It took many different batches to get the dose, precursor ratios, and gel type I wanted. Many problems were encountered, for example, that unless the two precursors were processed a particular way, they would not stay in the gel for long also certain gels did not work as well as others, well, you get the point.

But the wait and frustrations were worth it, because when AndroSportsCreme was tried with a handful of people ranging from old to young and in between, it helped these people consistently support naturally high levels of testosterone. In fact, I was able to take several people off of the straight testosterone gel and put them on the AndroSportsCreme because it worked so well at normalizing testosterone levels. Of course more clinical experience is needed and a full sized study would be optimal to test AndroSportsCreme, but my experience to date has shown me that AndroSportsCreme increases testosterone efficiently and predictably. It’s a cost effective and easy to use product that appears far superior to regular andro products.

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Q: How is AndroSportsCreme different from Testosterone?

Although the active ingredients in AndroSportsCreme, androstenedione and androstenediol as well as testosterone all occur naturally in the human body, androstenedione and androstenediol have little activity in themselves and rely on the body’s conversion of them to testosterone for their effects.

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Q: Why can AndroSportsCreme be sold as a non-prescription product?

There are two main criteria for determining whether a nutritional product can be sold as a dietary supplement.

Under FDA literal interpretation of dietary suppl. act 21 U.S.C.321 (ff) added by the DSHEA of 1994 any substance may qualify as a dietary supplement in this country as long as it was not previously marketed in this country as a drug and the substance meets this definition:

A dietary substance used to supplement the diet by increasing the total
dietary intake. Since androstenedione and androstenediol can be
found in meats and plants it can be considered a dietary substance.

So just like the pro-hormones DHEA, melatonin, pregnenolone and wild yam extract (dioscera) androstenedione and androstenediol are considered dietary supplements.

The second determining factor is the claims that can be made with regard to the product. Unless a product, whether natural or synthetic, is approved by the FDA (an extremely costly and lengthy process (over $150 million dollars and 7 years) it can not make a claim that it treats an illness.

These laws restrict the information that you can provide about a nutritional product to how it supports or improves function. Statements like improves energy, mood and joint mobility are allowable but treats fatigue, depression or arthritic are not.

Under these same laws the manufacturers of a prescription testosterone can make claims saying their testosterone product it is approved for the treatment of the symptoms associated with hypogonadism (testosterone levels less than 250mg/dl). But as a company marketing a non FDA approved natural product, all you can say about AndroSportsCreme is it improves energy, mood, libido and strength by supporting healthy optimal testosterone function. We can not make claims that AndroSportsCremewill treat diseases including high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, impotence, arthritis, muscle atrophy and immune disorders even though they all may have links to lower than optimal levels of testosterone.

Ironically,  if a physician were treating you personally, he could prescribe natural products such as AndroSportsCremeto you for these conditions, if in his medical opinion, it is an appropriate therapy.

More about the FDA approval process.

This lengthy and financially prohibitive FDA approval process, which on one hand, affords the pharmaceutical industry the protection they need to develop new patentable life saving pharmaceutical agents on the other hand makes it impossible for safer and frequently more effective natural products to crack the medical market. The pharmaceutical companies are willing to spend the money and time to develop new or even duplicate the beneficial properties of natural products because they know that once the new medication receives FDA approval they can profit greatly. These patented products once available by prescription become eligible for reimbursement by insurance and specific claims can be made about its use in the marketing of the product to doctors and the public.

Because a natural product is not patentable, no company is going to spend millions of dollars to get FDA approval on a product that anyone can then sell. Many companies now get patent protection and therefore market exclusivity making it worthwhile to go through FDA approval process by patenting the delivery of the product. For example, because natural testosterone is not a patentable product the company which sells the Androderm patch, has a patent and FDA approval for its delivery system. And it is the recent market exclusivity Androderm, an improved but not without faults, testosterone replacement that has fueled increased testosterone public relations, physician awareness and increased acceptance.

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