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Testosterone & Men

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The following information on testosterone has been provided by Dr.Richard Cohen M.D.   For a more in depth study visit his site at
Doctor Cohen does not sell products such as Androstederm, for which he holds a patent.

| Hormonal Balance in Men | |
| Maintaining Testosterone Levels |
| The Testosterone Syndrome | (
The Book)
| Testosterone |









Life is short. Why not feel the best you can?
A simple hormone imbalance can have a profound impact on a man's health.

Find out how if you might be affected...

Are you over the age of 35?
Do you notice a loss or have difficulty gaining muscle tone?
Have you experienced weight gain especially around the midsection?
Do you often feel weak and tired without reason?
Do you have poor recovery from exercise?
Do you have low sex drive or sexual dysfunction?
Do you feel depressed, irritable and a lack of motivation?
Do you have difficulty coping with stress?
Are you having trouble getting a good night's sleep?
Do you smoke cigarettes or regularly drink alcohol?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions you may have less than optimal levels of testosterone.

So what would you think if medical science could give you something that would make you look and feel younger? Something that could increase your strength and energy, improve your mood and give you a better sex life? You’d probably think it was a miracle. But it isn’t a miracle, it’s testosterone!

While testosterone is commonly recognized for its role as the master "male" hormone few realize that its also a key to a man’s overall health factors. High levels of testosterone mean energy, stamina and vitality. Low levels contribute to fatigue, premature aging and disease.

More than 20 million American men of all ages suffer from less than optimal levels of testosterone.

Testosterone levels are at their highest during a man’s twenties and naturally decline with age, gradually declining to about 20% of their maximum. While you are almost assured to have low levels of testosterone at an advanced age, a number of other factors are now known to accelerate testosterone loss at early ages. Stress, physical inactivity, excessive training, illness, smoking, alcohol and the use of both prescription and "recreational" drugs, can contribute to less than ideal levels of testosterone. These things are pervasive in our society and have contributed to onset of the low testosterone syndrome.

Fortunately, your testosterone can be restored to a normal and healthy level.
Until now, the only reliable way to restore normal testosterone to a normal level has been through the use of prescription medications. However, these treatments typically include the use of irritating and unconcealed patches, painful injections, surgical implants or toxic pills. Clinical findings now demonstrate that the use of specific nutritional substances - in combination with a testosterone enhancing diet and exercise program - can help most men to raise their testosterone levels- naturally, safely and effectively!

Restoring testosterone to a youthful level can enhance health and well being and SLOW DOWN the aging process and…
Increase your muscle mass and overall strength
Enhance your ability to burn fat.
Improve your libido and sexual function
Improve your ability to cope with stress.
Improve your memory, concentration and visual acuity
Protect your heart
Strengthen your bones
Protect your prostate

Testosterone: More Important for Muscle Growth Than Exercise
A study in 1996 reported in the New England Journal of Medicine followed three groups of men. One group was given testosterone and prescribed a strength training program, one group was given testosterone and told not to exercise and one group was just given a training program without testosterone. To no surprise the group who exercised on testosterone gained the most muscle and lost the most fat, but to the researchers surprise the group who took testosterone without exercise actually had greater improvement in muscle and fat composition than the group who trained without it. You can’t build muscle without it!



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Hormonal Balancing

Whether your goals are optimal athletic performance with increased strength and faster recovery or enhanced well-being and long-term health, it is important to maintain youthful ratios of  the following hormones.

To better understand why hormonal balance is so vital to good health, it is important that you are familiar with a few physiological facts.
The hypothalamus in the brain acts as a thermostat for the body.   When it senses the body needs testosterone it signals the pituitary gland (also in the brain) to release its messenger, lutenizing hormone (LH). LH in turn tells the testes (gonads) to increase production of  testosterone.
In men, testosterone is naturally converted to small amounts of estrogen, which benefit the brain and other organs.  Obesity, age, medications and alcohol can cause unhealthy high levels of estrogen to be formed.
The adrenal glands produce the stress hormones cortisol and DHEA. Cortisol is responsible for the many vital functions that allow us to interact and react to life threatening situations. DHEA acts as a stress reservoir as well as a hormonal intermediary. It is converted to other hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. DHEA also has direct affects on metabolism and immunity.  Disease, emotional stress and physical stress such as over training can cause imbalances in these vital adrenal hormones.

Here are two examples of why it is important to know and balance these hormones.

Stress Induced Lowering of Testosterone

The most common cause of low testosterone in men under 50 years old is not the decreased ability to produce testosterone in the gonads but inhibition of the hypothalamus (thermostat) in the brain. And the most common cause of this inhibition is a stress induced imbalance in the DHEA/cortisol ratio. So if you suffer from symptoms of or decreased levels of testosterone, if you do not assess DHEA/cortisol you may miss the real cause of the problem.

If you are suffering from stress related physical symptoms knowing the DHEA/cortisol ratio will allow you to determine the best method of normalizing adrenal gland function. And this in turn will remove the inhibition in the brain which can then signal for increased testosterone production. 

Ways to normalize DHEA/cortisol levels.

Elevated Levels of Estrogen

Because symptoms of testosterone deficiency can occur with either low testosterone, high estrogen or both, if you only check testosterone, you will very likely underestimate the extent of the imbalance. And you may potentially worsen the problem when trying to restore testosterone levels.

A healthy, youthful testosterone/estrogen ratio is about 50:1. While a small 15% drop in testosterone (i.e. 750 to 635 mg/dl) may seem insignificant, if it is accompanied by a 35% increase in estrogen (i.e. 15 to 21 mg/dl), the testosterone/estrogen ratio which was once 50:1 will now be significantly reduced at 30:1.

The treatment must also take into account the elevated estrogen levels. Because if you decide just to treat the relatively small decline in testosterone and do nothing to decrease testosterone conversion to estrogen, you will very likely cause further increases in estrogen. So although follow up testing would now reveal normal  testosterone levels (750mg/dl), you may not feel any better because estrogen has increased further (25mg/dl) causing virtually no change in the ratio.

More about estrogen levels in men.

The main point of these two examples is that if you want to achieve safe and effective results, it is important to properly assess hormonal levels prior to and during therapy.

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Maintaining Testosterone Levels

Maintaining Healthy Levels of Testosterone

by Doctor Richard Cohen, M.D.
| Diet | Exercise | Stress | | Back to Top |

You Can Restore Your Levels of Testosterone with Life Style Changes!

Although the most common reason for decreased testosterone levels is aging, levels also commonly decrease during acute and chronic emotional stress, over training, physical inactivity, after the use of anabolic steroids, excessive use of alcohol, prescription or recreational medication and certain diseases.

Testosterone levels are also affected by bio-social events. Your testosterone will go up before a sporting event (whether you are competing or not) and sexual stimulation (sight or touch). And interestingly, levels significantly decrease in both the competitors and fans of losers of athletic events. (So forget about having a strong sex drive if the cheerleaders don’t show up and your team loses the Super Bowl).

Normally testosterone is the 30% higher in the morning than the evening. This may explain why men are more interested in sex in the morning and is part of the reason for spontaneous morning erections. In fact, the loss of morning erections is a sure sign that testosterone is declining.

By eliminating or reducing these factors, improving you diet, beginning or modifying your exercise program , reducing stress and restoring nutritional status you can improve your hormonal balance and most importantly dramatically improve the way you look, feel and perform.

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You are what you eat! If you want to keep "juiced with testosterone" it is extremely important to follow these dietary rules:

Eat moderate amounts of protein. Protein in Latin means "above all else." Protein stimulates the hormone glucagon and the anabolic (muscle building) responses important for adequate testosterone release.

Eat more vegetables and fruit and limit excessive carbohydrate intake especially of simple sugars and starches (grains, potatoes, pasta). Excess intake of carbohydrates especially those that raise blood sugar rapidly create chronically elevated levels of the hormone insulin and cortisol. These two hormones oppose the action of testosterone and diminish it’s production.

Eat Fat! The reason, Jack Sprat was so lean was he ate no fat. Essential fats such as the omega 3 fatty acids found in fish and flaxseed as well as saturated fats are essential for normal testosterone production. All steroid hormones are produced from cholesterol and when fats are deficient in the diet, this process will be inhibited.

Studies clearly indicate that low fat diets results in lower testosterone levels while those higher in protein, lower in carbohydrate and moderate in fat cause the greatest sustained levels of testosterone and growth hormone.

A recent study demonstrated the influence of diet on pre and post exercise testosterone and cortisol. After exercise with bench press and squat to failure, testosterone and cortisol were measured. Those men who were on a diet with a higher protein/carbohydrate ratio and percent fat content had the largest increase in testosterone and the smallest rise in cortisol.

You must train and eat smart to minimize the catabolic and maximize the anabolic effects of exercise. If your diet is very low in fat and high in complex carbohydrates and fiber, your testosterone levels may remain very low and you will never make the changes in muscle mass and strength that you desire.

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Both the lack of physical activity and excessive physical activity (over training) will result in decreased levels of testosterone
. Exercise effects testosterone directly by stimulating the pituitary gland and the testes and it probably also raises levels by slowing down the normal breakdown of testosterone.

The duration, intensity and frequency of exercise will determine the circulating levels of testosterone. Testosterone levels increase most with short intense bursts, while it decreases with prolonged activity especially that of frequent endurance training. During endurance training, testosterone is needed to maintain muscle but frequent extended training doesn’t allow for repair and recovery of testosterone and tissue damage occurs.

Studies show that testosterone levels will elevate with exercise for about 45 to 60 minutes. After this time period, cortisol levels begin to increase and testosterone levels will decline. This decrease has been detected for up to 6 days.

Because you require testosterone for repair and growth, do not train for more than 45 to 60 minutes at a single session. If you feel like you want to exercise or train more, split sessions are recommended. Also do not lift weights and perform aerobic training at the same time. It is also a good idea to vary your workouts and cycle them throughout the year.

Construction workers provide a real life example of these concepts. It has been observed for many years that men who lift moderate loads all day are frequently listless and tired as well as not as strong and muscular as their co-workers who perform less frequent but more intense activity.

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Emotional Stress

As discussed in this site on the page on hormonal balancing, emotional stress is a frequent cause of decreased testosterone levels. When the "fight of flight" alarm reaction system is active, stress hormones such as adrenaline, nor adrenaline and cortisol are released. These hormones that are released to protect our lives have catabolic activity. This means they catabolize (breakdown) body stores of fat and protein to be used for acute resources of energy and immune response. They go even one step farther and inhibit all anabolic processes has well. Because in life or death situations the body does not need to build muscle, eat, have sexual thoughts etc. processes that require vital life energy, all anabolic (building) processes including testosterone are shut down.

This was a very effective system when it evolved. For hundreds of thousands of years the threats to the body were short-lived and very acute such as being eaten or attacked. Today stresses are not only prolonged but perceived in our mind. And this chronic stress causes an over activation of our adrenal system and the catabolic process. In fact, chronic catabolism is not only the greatest cause of premature aging and cardiovascular disease but it severely inhibits testosterone function making it almost impossible to build muscle and strength.

So if you want to really grow it is essential that you follow the advice, "Don’t sweat the small stuff and it is all small stuff", stay well rested and take your time eating frequent small meals. This will help normalize cortisol levels and allow your anabolic system to take over again.

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Lifestyle and emotional changes, increased sleep with earlier bedtimes, more relaxing less intense exercise and maintaining a stable blood sugar by eating five  meals daily balanced in protein, fat and carbohydrates can have powerful balancing effects on the adrenal glands.

Many people with symptoms of or decreased levels of  testosterone, will benefit from the use of hgH-PH Complex or testosterone. In addition, in Doctor Cohen's  medical practice he has found the use of the following nutrients very helpful for:

Decreasing high cortisol levels:
vitamin C
phosphotidyl Serine
siberian ginseng
acetyl carnitine

Elevating low cortisol levels:
DHEA (To enhance effects: use melatonin at night in a 1:10 ratio to DHEA)
siberian ginseng
pantothenic acid
vitamin C
yerba mate

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Estrogen Levels in Men

Just as many woman are not aware that their body produces and depends on small amounts of testosterone for healthy function, most men are not aware that their body produces and depends on small amounts of estrogen as well. Estrogen seems to be important in men for brain function.

Estrogen is produced in the male body directly from testosterone by the enzyme aromatase. This enzyme is present in all fat cells and the liver. A healthy young man in his 20’s may have 50 times as much testosterone as estrogen while in older men   the ratio can be as low as 3 to 1. Needless to say, these  men do not feel all that well.

Oddly enough the brain’s thermostat (the hypothalamus) decides if enough testosterone is present in the blood in a large part based on how much estrogen is present. Since estrogen is made from testosterone, the brain has evolved to believe   that if estrogen is high, testosterone must be as well. Unfortunately, in today's modern world of nutritional deficiencies, obesity, foreign drugs and chemicals that cause abnormal increases in estrogen, this feedback system can be faulty. So high  estrogen can be a double edge sword. It is not only harmful in itself, but it also causes decreased testosterone production.

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Testosterone Syndrome --The Book


testosteronesyndromeshippen.gif (40289 bytes)
This book will show you how to recognize the symptoms of low testosterone-------
How testosterone works
Important links between testosterone and diseases of aging--------------
Importance of the prostate gland and prostate cancer----
How testosterone is essential for normal sexuality in both men and women----------


I highly recommend this book.

The Testosterone Syndrome: The Critical Factor for Energy, Health, & Sexuality--Reversing the Male Menopause
by Eugene Shippen William Fryer
To Order Click here or on the image above!
List Price: $21.95
Our Price: $15.37
You Save: $6.58 (30%)

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.

Hardcover - 240 pages (April 1998)
M Evans & Co; ISBN: 0871318296 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.88 x 9.35 x 6.32 Sales Rank: 2,942
Avg. Customer Review: 5 out of 5 stars


Other chapters will cover:
Restoring potency
How to test for deficiency
Natural methods that can restore hormonal functions without actual replacement
Best methods for replacement in both men and women using natural hormones
Differences between the natural and synthetic hormones
Recommendations for supplementation to help restore normal functions


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